Analog frequency counter E-line

Characteristics Options analog Description E-Line is ELEQs product line of analogue meters. Even though ELEQ already has an exceptional name in the field of development and production of analogue meters from its tradition and history; with the arrival of the new series, ELEQ is also well prepared for the future.

Digital frequency counter GFC-8270H & GFC-8131H

Characteristics Options digital Description Frequency and Period Measurement High Resolution at Both High and Low Frequency 0.01Hz~2.7GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8270H) 0.01Hz~1.3GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8131H) 10mV rms High Sensitivity 100nHz Resolution for 1Hz Input Variable Trigger Level Control Microprocessor Controlled Intelligent Counter(only GFC-8270H)

Digital frequency counter FD-252

Characteristics Options digital Description The FD-252 digital frequency counter is designed for application that require a high frequency range. For that purpose the instrument is equipped, in addition to the 20 Hz-160 MHz input, a second input for measurement up to 2.4 GHz with an impedance of 50 Ohms.

Frequency counter 1105

Description A new counter, Model 1105, from Berkeley Nucleonics compares favorably to existing counters. The 1105 has 12 digits of frequency resolution and 40 ps of time interval resolution. The real-time DSP front-end facilitates faster measurement throughput. Compare our specifications and price to the Agilent 53132A or the Fluke PM6685. We have made the front … Read moreFrequency counter 1105

Digital frequency counter PeakTech® P 2860

Characteristics Options digital Description This universal frequency counter with a 8-digit 18 mm LCD display has a TCXO – quartz time base. With its high stability and measuring accuracy, it can record and display frequencies of up to 2.7 GHz. The main characteristics of the high sensitivity for VHF and UHF measurements are particularly noteworthy. … Read moreDigital frequency counter PeakTech® P 2860

Microwave frequency counter MCA3000

Characteristics Options portable, microwave Description Offering up to 40 GHz measurements, the Tektronix MCA3000 Microwave Analyzer Series packs many different functions into one feature-rich instrument. The integrated power meter and two additional timer/counter channels offer you even more test functionality than other microwave analyzers on the market. With unprecedented resolution, you can capture very small … Read moreMicrowave frequency counter MCA3000