Insulation tester PROINSTALL-200-EUR


Test type
insulation, continuity, insulation resistance, resistance, phase sequence, RCD, ground, loop impedance, electrical safety
industrial, multifunction
Other characteristics


The Telaris Multifunction Tester Series offers two models that verify the safety of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Telaris ProInstall series has been developed to carry out the following safety measurements of electrical installations in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 and EN 61557: Insulation resistance, RCD tests, Low Ohm resistance, Earth ground resistance, Loop impedance, Phase sequence.

• Measurement of loop resistance
• Measurement of internal network resistance
• Measurement of short circuit current
• Low resistance and continuity measurement
• Insulation test
• RCD/FI measurement (contact voltage, trip time, trip current – increasing current)
• Voltage and frequency measurement

Product information
• Memory for approx. 1000 readings with 3 levels for assignment of distribution list numbers and circuit numbers
• IR/USB interface for transferring the stored measurement values to a PC
• Software for logging is optionally available for printing out a test report
• Integrated socket test with contact electrode for identification of incorrectly connected sockets or missing protective earth
• Easy-to-read, large LC display with back lighting and an especially large viewing angle
• Auto Power Off
• Testing of AC/DC-sensitive RCD/FI (type B)
• Earth measurement (optionally with probes)
• RCD/FI analysis for testing all RCD/FI parameters