DIN rail frequency counter SR620

Characteristics Options digital, DIN rail, time interval counter Description The SR620 Time Interval Counter performs virtually all of the time and frequency measurements required in a laboratory or ATE environment. The instrument’s single-shot timing resolution and low jitter make it the counter of choice for almost any application. SR620 Measurements The SR620 measures time interval, … Read moreDIN rail frequency counter SR620

Frequency counter Fn Series

Description The vibrating reed type frequency instruments have a vibrating meter movementat which a ridge with sprung reeds is fastened to an electronic magnet.If the frequency of the impressed voltage corresponds to the of resonance frequency of the reed of a vibrating meter movement this reed begins to swing. The amplitude of reeds is proportional … Read moreFrequency counter Fn Series

Analog frequency counter HC series

Characteristics Options analog, panel-mount Description Does not need an auxiliary power supply DIN box with dimensions: 48, 72, 96 and 144 Class 0.5 Built-in electronic converter Applications Accurate and easy reading of frequency in alternating current circuits. The distortion of voltage (we shall measure its frequency) can reach 15% of the nominal voltage in the … Read moreAnalog frequency counter HC series