Resistance tester VS-3 series


Test type
Tested product
motor, for transformers


Motor Winding Resistance Test forWeshine® Winding Resistance Meter with CE certificate, high quality and accrucy, Invented and produced according to national standards, complete electric testing solution available. Contact us for more details of Winding Resistance Meter from Weshine!

The 10 A Transformer Resistance Tester, also called Transformer DC Resistance Tester or Transformer Ohmmeter, made for winding resistance testing of transformer, is a line-operated, field-portable instrument specifically designed to safely and accurately measure the resistance of all types of magnetic windings. It tests transformers, rotating motor windings, shunt reactors, and low resistance measurements of connections, contacts, and control circuits.

The double potential input can measure the resistance of two primary windings, two secondary windings or one primary and one secondary winding at the same time. This dual reading and dual injection function is an effective way to complete the test in time.

Typical Application
The purpose ofWeshine® Motor Winding Resistance Test is:
-Check the integrity of transformer winding
-Check the integrity of the tap changer (if any)
-Check internal connections
-Calculate the conductor loss caused by DC resistance (p=I²R)
The specification of each transformer will be determined through type test, routine test, special test and other tests.