Ground bond tester 448

Characteristics Test type resistance, insulation resistance, leakage current, AC, ground bond, Hipot Tested product for electrical installations, for electrical appliances Applications for production Configuration benchtop Other characteristics digital, USB, with LCD screen Description 500VA, 5kV @ 100mA AC Hipot, 6kV @ 10mA DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, 40A AC Ground Bond, CE Listed Our 448 model … Read moreGround bond tester 448

Insulation tester MY600

Characteristics Test type voltage, insulation, resistance, insulation resistance, AC, communication Tested product battery, LED Other characteristics digital, automatic Description The MY600 Digital Insulation Tester has enhanced operation compared to the conventional model, by using a shortened measurement time and color indicating judging function. This is a new concept in insulation testing and includes enhanced communication … Read moreInsulation tester MY600

Voltage tester KANE-VCT

Characteristics Test type voltage, continuity, AC, phase Tested product LED Other characteristics digital, rugged Description The KANE-VCT Voltage & Continuity Testers with Phase Rotation test are the benchmark for voltage indicators. The three-in-one tester with a rugged, ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling offers Single Pole Detection, fully operational even when the batteries are discharged … Read moreVoltage tester KANE-VCT

Phase tester KANE-PU690V

Characteristics Test type voltage, AC, impedance, phase, EMC Tested product battery Configuration portable, compact Description The KANE-PU690V proving unit is a 690V compact & lightweight voltage proving unit designed for compliance safety checking of voltage testers prior to testing on a live circuit The KANE-PU690V is also high & low Z impedance compatible for proving … Read morePhase tester KANE-PU690V

Frequency counter Fn Series

Description The vibrating reed type frequency instruments have a vibrating meter movementat which a ridge with sprung reeds is fastened to an electronic magnet.If the frequency of the impressed voltage corresponds to the of resonance frequency of the reed of a vibrating meter movement this reed begins to swing. The amplitude of reeds is proportional … Read moreFrequency counter Fn Series