Transformer tester 5260 Series

Characteristics Test type resistance, leakage Tested product for transformers Configuration benchtop Other characteristics USB, pneumatic Description Features ■ Test Frequency: 10Hz-200kHz/500kHz/1MHz ■ 20 Channels ■ Built-in Meter Mode ■ Simultaneously display four parameters ■ Basic accuracy up to ±0.1% ■ Open circuit/short circuit function ■ RS-232、Handler、LAN、USB Host 、Handler ■ Pneumatic fixture F5620 built-in 100mA DC … Read moreTransformer tester 5260 Series

Battery impedance tester R, X, Z, θ, 5.00000 V, 0.1 – 1050 Hz | BT4560

Characteristics Test type battery impedance Description BATTERY IMPEDANCE METER BT4560 Determine Li-ion battery reliability in just 10 seconds Hioki benchtop battery testers support simultaneous high-speed measurement in the ever-expanding production lines of increasingly larger lithium-ion low resistance batteries. The BT4560 measures the impedance of Li-ion batteries using the low-frequency AC-IR measurement method without charging and … Read moreBattery impedance tester R, X, Z, θ, 5.00000 V, 0.1 – 1050 Hz | BT4560

Digital frequency counter GFC-8270H & GFC-8131H

Characteristics Options digital Description Frequency and Period Measurement High Resolution at Both High and Low Frequency 0.01Hz~2.7GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8270H) 0.01Hz~1.3GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8131H) 10mV rms High Sensitivity 100nHz Resolution for 1Hz Input Variable Trigger Level Control Microprocessor Controlled Intelligent Counter(only GFC-8270H)

Frequency counter 1105

Description A new counter, Model 1105, from Berkeley Nucleonics compares favorably to existing counters. The 1105 has 12 digits of frequency resolution and 40 ps of time interval resolution. The real-time DSP front-end facilitates faster measurement throughput. Compare our specifications and price to the Agilent 53132A or the Fluke PM6685. We have made the front … Read moreFrequency counter 1105