Voltage tester 600B

Characteristics Test type voltage, resistance Tested product battery Other characteristics digital Description The 600B Battery Capacity Analyzer addresses the need to test and maintain sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries used in backup power UPS, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and many other electrical systems. By quickly characterizing a battery’s response to a load resistance, … Read moreVoltage tester 600B

Insulation tester SAMR500

Characteristics Test type insulation Configuration portable Other characteristics digital Description Digital insulation tester – SAMR500 Standard – IEC/EN 61010-1 1000V CATIII Voltage DC – 1.000 V ± ( 0,8% + 3 dgt ) Voltage AC – 750 V ±(1,2%+ 10 dgt) Résistance – 200 ~ 2.000 Q ± ( 1% + 2 dgt)

Digital frequency counter FC-6000SD

Characteristics Options digital Description * TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) time base, high stability & accuracy. * High sensitivity for the VHF & UHF frequency measurement, useful for the CB amateur. * Wide measuring range up to 6.0 GHz. * Used the exclusive Microprocessor IC offered the intelligent function: Frequency, Period,Multi resolution, Data hold, Relative … Read moreDigital frequency counter FC-6000SD

DIN rail frequency counter SR620

Characteristics Options digital, DIN rail, time interval counter Description The SR620 Time Interval Counter performs virtually all of the time and frequency measurements required in a laboratory or ATE environment. The instrument’s single-shot timing resolution and low jitter make it the counter of choice for almost any application. SR620 Measurements The SR620 measures time interval, … Read moreDIN rail frequency counter SR620