Voltage tester MI 3108 EurotestPV

Characteristics Test type voltage, insulation, RCD, loop impedance, frequency Tested product for electrical installations, for photovoltaïc installations Applications industrial Configuration portable Other characteristics USB, with LCD screen, with memory Description The MI 3108 EurotestPV is a combined photovoltaic tester and electrical installations safety tester. MEASURING FUNCTIONS • Voltage, current, power • Uoc (Open Circuit Voltage) … Read moreVoltage tester MI 3108 EurotestPV

RCD tester LTW425

Characteristics Test type RCD, loop impedance, non-trip loop Tested product installation Configuration portable Other characteristics digital Description • Two-wire non-tripping loop tester • 50 V to 440 V operation • 110 V centre-tap loop testing • CAT IV installation testing • Auto start operation • 0.001 Ω resolution The LTW425 is a two-wire non-tripping high resolution loop tester for verifying … Read moreRCD tester LTW425