Analog frequency counter E-line

Characteristics Options analog Description E-Line is ELEQs product line of analogue meters. Even though ELEQ already has an exceptional name in the field of development and production of analogue meters from its tradition and history; with the arrival of the new series, ELEQ is also well prepared for the future.

Digital frequency counter MF16

Characteristics Options digital, panel-mount, single-phase Description 1 phase 2 wire systems Accuracy of ± 0.5% of F.S 4 digit 7 segment LED display Panel mount Supply voltage of 240V AC ±20% , 110V AC ±20% Specifications Display Type – 7 segment LED Display Configuration – 4 Digits Electrical Connection – 1Ø – 2W Accuracy – … Read moreDigital frequency counter MF16

Frequency counter Fn Series

Description The vibrating reed type frequency instruments have a vibrating meter movementat which a ridge with sprung reeds is fastened to an electronic magnet.If the frequency of the impressed voltage corresponds to the of resonance frequency of the reed of a vibrating meter movement this reed begins to swing. The amplitude of reeds is proportional … Read moreFrequency counter Fn Series

Analog frequency counter HC series

Characteristics Options analog, panel-mount Description Does not need an auxiliary power supply DIN box with dimensions: 48, 72, 96 and 144 Class 0.5 Built-in electronic converter Applications Accurate and easy reading of frequency in alternating current circuits. The distortion of voltage (we shall measure its frequency) can reach 15% of the nominal voltage in the … Read moreAnalog frequency counter HC series