Resistance tester VS-3 series

Characteristics Test type resistance Tested product motor, for transformers Configuration portable Description Motor Winding Resistance Test forWeshine® Winding Resistance Meter with CE certificate, high quality and accrucy, Invented and produced according to national standards, complete electric testing solution available. Contact us for more details of Winding Resistance Meter from Weshine! The 10 A Transformer Resistance … Read moreResistance tester VS-3 series

Resistance tester PROVA-5601

Characteristics Test type resistance, ground Applications for telecom applications Configuration portable Other characteristics digital, with LCD screen, with memory, non-contact Description • No Auxiliary Electrode Needed • Leakage Current: 0.3mA – 30A, True RMS • Jaw Diameter : 23 mm • Programmable Hi and Lo Alarm • Data logging capacity 116 records • Programmable Data … Read moreResistance tester PROVA-5601

Insulation tester Fluke 166 series

Characteristics Test type insulation Tested product installation Applications multifunction Configuration portable Other characteristics digital Description Safety and performance are two of the most critical requirements for any electrical system. Good quality insulation, a properly working grounding system and active protection assure the safety of people, electrical systems and buildings, and protect them against electrocution, fire … Read moreInsulation tester Fluke 166 series

Electrical insulation tester BA80

Characteristics Test type electrical insulation Tested product insulation oil Configuration portable Description Breakdown Analyzer test set BA80 is the smallest and lightest portable oil test set of its rating evaluating the condition of the transformer insulating fluids. It is a necessary device that helps you to decide whether the transformer oil has to be changed … Read moreElectrical insulation tester BA80

Insulation tester TTR2 series

Characteristics Test type insulation, dielectric Tested product detector Configuration portable, compact Other characteristics surface Description The TT7415 detector checks the insulating quality of yours poles, rods and ropes. The tester does not only identify surface defects. Its capacitive principle of measurement allows to detect internal and external insulation faults. It provides in-depth control which makes … Read moreInsulation tester TTR2 series

Insulation tester DTU6

Characteristics Test type insulation Tested product for medical devices Configuration portable Other characteristics with LCD screen Description The DTU6 can detect the slightest break in the insulation of a diathermy instrument. Such a break can be very difficult and time consuming to detect visually, yet may be sufficient to give a patient serious burns or … Read moreInsulation tester DTU6

Insulation tester SAMR500

Characteristics Test type insulation Configuration portable Other characteristics digital Description Digital insulation tester – SAMR500 Standard – IEC/EN 61010-1 1000V CATIII Voltage DC – 1.000 V ± ( 0,8% + 3 dgt ) Voltage AC – 750 V ±(1,2%+ 10 dgt) Résistance – 200 ~ 2.000 Q ± ( 1% + 2 dgt)

Insulation tester MIT200 series

Characteristics Test type insulation, continuity Tested product for electrical appliances Configuration portable Other characteristics digital Description • Insulation testing to 1000 MΩ • Continuity testing at 200 mA down to 0.01 Ω • Live circuit warning (voltage display) and test inhibit • Digital/analogue display • Alkaline or rechargeable batteries • –10 °C to +55 °C … Read moreInsulation tester MIT200 series