Transformer tester 5260 Series


Test type
resistance, leakage
Tested product
for transformers
Other characteristics
USB, pneumatic



■ Test Frequency: 10Hz-200kHz/500kHz/1MHz
■ 20 Channels
■ Built-in Meter Mode
■ Simultaneously display four parameters
■ Basic accuracy up to ±0.1%
■ Open circuit/short circuit function
■ RS-232、Handler、LAN、USB Host 、Handler
■ Pneumatic fixture F5620 built-in 100mA DC Bias
■ USB Host storages can storage setting files, data and capture the screen
MICROTEST 5260 Series Transformer Tester is a comprehensive device that enables measurement of important parameters for transformer products. It includes inductance, leakage inductance, DC resistance, AC resistance, quality factor, capacitance, turns ratio, and checks for pin short circuits, among other items. The measurement frequency range is from 10Hz to 200k/500k/1MHz. The tester has a built-in LCR meter measurement mode and is equipped with the F5620 pneumatic testing fixture. It provides 20 testing channels and supports 100mA DC bias testing. Customized testing fixture services are available to meet specific customer needs.